This month SBT talk to Michael Monk about Advantage Business Mentoring, the launch of his new website and how he can help your business.

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Business Mentoring You Can Trust

Being at the helm of your own enterprise can be daunting. You can feel isolated and, at times, you may struggle to cope with stress. On top of that, you may have goals you are not 100 per cent confident you can realise. Dealing with all the facets of growing a brand may not give you the time or confidence to plan ahead.

You are not alone. Even the most successful people in business need a helping hand from time to time. As professional mentors, we provide a calming influence and help you plot a course that will assist you in achieving the results you desire. In addition to helping you set up and grow a new business, we can help you expand, franchise or prepare an existing business for sale.

Our services are all about helping you pinpoint opportunities and keeping costs down. We will show you how to implement efficient and effective business processes that break down known barriers to success.

Among our comprehensive range of business mentoring and support services, you will find:

• Professional mentoring

• Effective support

• Networking

• Strategy planning

• Performance reviews

• Risk assessments

• Help to franchise your business

• Social media support

• Marketing solutions, including trade show support and advice

Whether you are starting a new project, expanding your brand to include new products / services or across additional channels, we are here to ensure you get things right. We have got more than 30 years’ experience in business planning and marketing. We are also recognised experts in franchising.

We offer:

• One to one support

• In-person mentoring

• Telephone support

• On-line support

• Industry-leading mentoring

• Specialist services designed to boost your business

About Advantage Business Mentoring

Who We Are

Advantage Business Mentoring was founded by Mike Monk.

He has owned one of the South East’s leading marketing and promotional merchandise businesses for more than 30 years.

Trusted by those from multiple sectors, he is a confidante and advisor to many successful brands.

In addition to delivering powerful marketing solutions, Mike is an expert networker. In fact, his tips on business networking have been used by entrepreneurs across Sussex, London and beyond.

His passion for networking brands has seen him develop his portfolio to include trade shows. He has been the organiser of Brighton Business Expo for four years. The biggest free B2B event of its kind in Brighton, it is the go-to platform for those looking to launch new brands, source local suppliers and to gain valuable insights from experts in their field.

With a huge circle of connections and his extensive business knowledge, Mike is the go-to person for those looking to take their ideas to the next level.

He is an expert in brand image, effective promotions and franchising. He works with start-ups and those looking to grow their business.

A sought-after advisor on franchising, Mike understands the often complex and legal processes involved in creating a new franchise. He has started and owned a few of his own.

Exhibit Your Business

Generate Leads at Trade and Business Shows

There are few better ways to raise awareness about your brand or launch a new enterprise than at a business exhibition. Well-run events guarantee an audience, with good footfall and valuable engagement. Here at Advantage Business Mentoring, we believe that trade shows are a great place to network your brand.

We help businesses of all sizes seize the opportunity to gain a place in the spotlight. In addition to helping you match your goals to the right event we help with everything from preparing for a show to getting your messaging right. And, importantly, how to generate and follow up leads.

Our services include:

• Business exhibition selection

• Stand location and size

• Branding

• Promotional products

• Pre-event planning

• Help to maximise lead generation

• Networking tips

• Guest speaking opportunities and coaching

• Lead follow-up support

If you want your business to take centre stage, a business exhibition is a great investment. Matching your goals to event audiences is just part of what we do. We will make sure you project the right image and sell your products or services uses the right messages and calls to action.


Growing Your Connections

Networking is essential if you want to build your circle of connections and grow your brand. Advantage Business Mentoring offers a range of services to help you promote your business at events. We help entrepreneurs, including start-ups, identify networking opportunities and build valuable connections.

We can also support brands at networking and other events across Sussex and the wider South East.

Considered as valuable as referrals, networking is the key that unlocks

new doors and helps to grow trust in your brand.

We offer:

• Coaching on how to network for success

• Insider tips on how to make the right impression

• Expert guidance on how to target potential new clients

• Support when you need it

• Representation at events you are unable to attend yourself

We recommend networking to businesses of all sizes. As well as raising awareness about what you do, this type of marketing can help you develop lasting and lucrative new business relationships. It helps people get to know your business and ‘like’ it.

Advantage Business Mentoring is one of the South East’s leading authorities on networking for success. If you want to make the most of opportunities available through networking events, contact us.


Get Help To Franchise Your Business

Grow Your Business Quickly

Franchising your business is one of the quickest – and most lucrative – ways to grow a brand. Whether you want to expand a start-up, grow an established brand or simply bring a brand-new concept to the market, we can help.

While often profitable, franchising can be complex to achieve. It requires a firm understanding of business law to avoid common pitfalls.

In addition to providing trusted legal advice, Advantage Business Mentoring helps with:

• Brand image

• Franchise systems

• Training

• Quality control

• Marketing

Starting a franchise from scratch can be exciting but daunting. Having an expert on board from the very beginning will greatly enhance your chances of success.

Our franchise mentoring and coaching packages are designed to help those from any sector, including B2B, hospitality and service industries. We will help you identify opportunities and develop robust, standardised systems that will be attractive to franchisees.

We will ensure you develop a consistent approach to every aspect of your brand, so that it brings something unique to both the market and investors.

If you have got a great business concept, there is no reason why you cannot replicate it in a franchise model.

Contact us for more information or book a FREE one-hour consultation. Visit or call 01273 286133.

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